Birdcage Picket

Do you want to add a beautiful and stylish element in your current staircase? Are you in the process of building a new staircase and need to choose the perfect railing design? This metal railing is a perfect fit for any home or business that could use an elegant and simple look. The bird cage metal railing has a very timeless look. Additionally, it’s very lightweight and easy to handle which reduces the cost of installation. This particular iron railing can be constructed to any specification you desire.

Simple and Quick to Install

With this particular railing, you don’t have to think about staining, varnishing or sealing the stair rail. It can be installed just as is. Iron railings are usually resistant to changes in temperature. They can’t bend or warp when the weather changes giving you a long-lasting service over the years. you can incorporate this particular rail at home both indoors and outdoors. Most importantly, the railing has high levels of resilience. It’s made of a strong metal that’s durable and built to last many years.

Choose a metal railing that certainly looks the part. You can mix and match with glass or even timber to create a timeless appeal. Get in touch with us to better understand your options.

Bird Cage
Birdcage Picket w B Rail and Brennan Post w Base
DBL Birdcage