50 by 15 Picket

Add character and personality to your railing system or stairways with our selection of remarkable 50 by 15 pickets. Our pickets are a good reflection of our team’s expert craftsmanship and commitment to delivering products that will serve generations. Our selection of wooden balusters includes both contemporary and traditional styles. Every piece is designed to captivate the creative eye.

Beauty is not our only focus at Royal Oak Railing and Stair. We even give you the freedom of selecting the wood species that you want from the over a dozen available wood species.

Our pickets are built to add style, strength, and durability to any staircase system. Contact us today and let us know which picket in our catalog impresses you or if you need a custom picket built for your staircase system. We are here to meet your specific needs and we are good at our job. Call us today.

1 5/16 Inch 50-15 Picket