Today, Royal Oak has state of the art computerized technology (including 3D computer aided design) that gives us a level of consistency not previously attainable which means “if you can dream it we can build it”. This technology not only allows us to “tailor make” each product specifically to your application but allows us to work within your budget.


Despite the abundance of materials on the market, the popularity of wood railings does not decline and this is easily explained - consumers always strive for the most natural and environmentally friendly options for their homes. Not to mention, they have a stylish appearance and attractive texture. Wooden railings immediately bring a sense of elegance and warmth into a space. In addition, they are characterized by their resistance to damage and can easily tolerate different types of negative external influences, when properly treated. These railings will always be in style and can significantly enhance the splendor of your interior or exterior. The main advantages of wooden railings: Safe and natural material Durability and reliability Attractive appearance Serve for a rather long time, with proper treatment Pleasant texture Combine well with other materials Large variety of wood types and price to fit everyone We carry a wide array of wood types, including but not limited to ash, oak, maple, walnut and a range of rare species. Whatever your needs are, at Royal Oak Railing & Stair we will make sure that we will find the best option for you.


The staircase leading to an upper floor of a house or office may have a mundane, unremarkable appearance or be a real work of art. And in this case, a huge role is played by the railing. Therefore, it is not enough to determine the type and size of the steps, it is also necessary to choose the appropriate design of the railings. Railings are necessary not only for safety; they also allow you to create a harmonious and holistic interior in the house. Unlike some other materials, metal has greater strength and durability. In addition, metal is a very malleable material with which you can create a stunning addition for the stairs. These types of railings are also very easy to manage and clean. Metal railings combine very well with wood, glass and other materials present in the interior such as marble, for example. Such railings are suitable for many interior styles from classic to modern loft and hi-tech. We are specialized in designing and installing beautiful openwork railings that do not interfere with the passage of light. Our team takes real pride in the work that we do and we strive to create the best railing and staircase design for you.


Glass railings for staircases are now becoming more popular in residential homes. These simple, light and sophisticated options perfectly fit almost any interior style: from modern to traditional. Despite its simplicity, glass structures can have a rather diverse and interesting design. It may seem that the glass railing is fragile; however, in fact, such designs are by no means less reliable than any other. With our designs you can confidently rely on glass options. They are excellently suited even for families with children or pets. Even though the railing is very durable, visually it creates a feeling of openness. This design looks elegant and stylish. Glass railings give the room a sense of space, light and air. The obvious advantage of glass structures is the fact that its transparency does not interfere with the penetration of sunlight and creates the appearance of an open space. If wooden or metal railings have the potential to make a small room visually cluttered, transparent railings allow you to expand the space. This is important, especially if the house is small in size and with insufficient lighting. However, glass railings can also suit spacious and bright areas. Contact us to today for more information.