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As we have entered the 21st century, interior stairs and railings continue to be a focal point in many new homes and home renovations. This means the design and quality of the product is very important to accent the interior of your home.

Our stair design capabilities and procedures are well established. We utilize the latest computerized technologies to design and to manufacture our quailty stair products. In many instances, the stairs are pre-assembled and ready for installation on site, saving our builders time and money.

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Today, Royal Oak has state of the art computerized technology (including 3D computer aided design) that gives us a level of consistency not previously attainable which means “if you can dream it we can build it”. This technology not only allows us to “tailor make” each product specifically to your application but allows us to work within your budget.



As consumers tastes continue to evolve, interior stairs continue to be a focal point in many new homes and home renovations. Because of this, quality and selection of product is very important to accent the interior of any home. Royal Oak meets both the structural and aesthetic needs for a wide range of stair installations. All types of wood species are available, including Oak, Maple, Birch, Beech, Ash, Mahogany, Walnut, Jatoba, reclaimed Elm and Cherry to name a few. ‘Wall supported’ or ‘Freestanding’ curved staircases are available with an unlimited range of custom components, including custom handrail profiles and custom balusters.

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Design is often viewed as a more rigorous form of art, or art with a clearly defined purpose. The distinction is usually made when someone other than the artist is defining the purpose.

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  • How long has Royal Oak Railing and Stairs been in business for?
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Yes, Royal Oak has a 2-year limited warranty on all products and labour. Remember that your warranty starts once you have made payment in full. To view our warranty, click here.
If the Customer terminates or cancels this Agreement or Sales Order, the Customer shall be liable for all cost incurred by Royal Oak up to the day of receipt of the Customers...
If you are a homeowner and/or a contractor in any type of field, you understand that there are certain risks that you undertake when performing the necessary work to accomplish...
Royal Oak has been around for 30 plus years. The longer the company has been around should mean stability, reputation, reassuring your warranty and peace of mind.
Yes, Royal Oak has many references. We have worked with many top Designers, Architects and Builders and would be happy to supply you with this information upon request.
The best approach to minimizing the hazard of stairs is to encourage the building of well-designed stairways, combined with customer education.

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