Hand Profile

As the oldest and most trusted online resource for handrails, Royal Oak Railing and Stair prides itself on having the most impressive profile. With a huge selection, we can fit any part needed to finish your custom staircase; from the handrail moldings to railings, stair banisters, wood balusters, handrail parts and staircase parts. All you need to do is browse through our catalog of profiles or contact us with your custom profile.

To cater to your unique tastes, we have created huge profiles which include handrails in different wood species and designs. We have what you need to add the perfect texture or style that your project needs. Meeting your needs is what we do best and we are committed to your full satisfaction. This is something we have been doing since 1987. Our bespoke handrail profiles give you the chance to select the one that perfectly suits your style and staircase design.

Highest quality

Handrails offer hand support and aesthetics to the stairwell. They are a necessary part of the staircase and add architectural intrigue and beauty to a building. This is why we apply the highest level of craftsmanship when designing.

At Royal Oak Railing and Stair we understand that as much as hiring the right team is important, the equipment our team use have a significant impact on the end product. All the work is done in-house; a practice that has helped us with quality control. This has made us reliable.

The quality of wood species used also impact the aesthetics, quality, and longevity of the handrails. This is why every piece of wood is thoroughly inspected before it is approved for use in the manufacturing of handrails. If you can’t find the wood species that you need from our profile, feel free to contact us.