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Hi Darlene,

I am hoping you will relay my message on to your company, especially to Santo and to Ken. The railing was installed yesterday.  I am so grateful for the safety it now provides. I have received numerous compliments from friends and family saying they cannot believe that, after 60 years, the house finally has a banister instead of an open staircase and they are amazed at how beautiful it looks. I am grateful to Santo for his patience in helping me to make decisions, and to Ken for his attention to detail. He did a magnificent job.

Heather Chappell

Royal Oak Newmarket is an exceptional business. My husband and I wanted to fix the existing staircase which had broken railings and spindles. The posts needed to be replaced. The staircase had become a hazard and an eyesore. Careful planning was made in the showroom with Santo, the salesman, who showed examples of materials that were possible for the project. And thanks to Dave, a persistent and conscientious installer, and his trainee Colin the stairs look wonderful and highlight the entry and living room. There is some finishing left to do by us, staining and painting to match our preferences. I would highly recommend Royal Oak.

Mary Peterson-Takki

We want to thank Santos for coming and giving us our estimate soooo quickly and for being so supportive, helpful and professional. He advised us right away that ours was a small project. An oak railing and oak nosing for our upper hall and that it would be about 3 weeks because Royal Oak would use our little job as a filler. They called us before the three weeks were up to make arrangements for installation. Cody came on the day, as promised, and did an AMAZING job. We were/are thrilled. We recommend them without hesitation

Carol Lingohr

Santo, Just to let you know the railing looks fantastic. The installers (don’t know their names) did a great job.

Dave & Barb

Hi Darlene

Thanks for getting Unit 12 done so quickly

The work done by this installer is phenomenal. This is the best install that we have had in all 3 blocks. Can you please send the same installer back tomorrow to do Unit 10


Serena Home Limited


Lou and Darlene

I wanted to let you know that the service I received from Dave, who installed the railing, was SECOND TO NONE. He was a pleasure to deal with and did a fantastic job.

Please pass this along to management, as well as to him, personally.

Best Regards,

John Greco

Hi Darlene and Dave,

Everything has been installed and it look lovely.

Cody was very polite and courteous and did a fabulous job on the install. He sets a high bar for workers coming here.

Thanks again,

Sandy Velikonja

Hi Dave –

Just had to tell you… great stairs, great job, exactly what I wanted! They are installed and they look great! Thanks much.

J. Mark Brereton,TECSYS Inc

Stair guys did a fantastic job!!

Thank you,

Christine Drobczyk,Pratt Homes, Site Super

Hello Troy,

It’s been almost two years since this e-mail was sent to you regarding a stair quote from Royal Oak. After a long and arduous process, our basement renovation is finally complete and I’m now sending out thanks to companies that went ‘above and beyond’. Your company, with the significant assistance of Andrena Murray, were able to install new stairs in the agreed upon timeline of October 31 2013. The photo below is before we stained the stairs adn handrail but it gives you a sense of how good it looks now. I’ve actually attached a separate photo of the old stairs before we started the dig down. They were…..scary.

Thanks very much for stepping in as you did and solving this problem for us. We’re very pleased with the result from Royal Oak Stair and I wanted to pass that along.

All the best,