Today, there are so many new types and styles of straight staircases available that you can easily find a staircase that complements the rest of your space. One major advantage of straight stairs is that they are often cheaper than other styles because the construction process is less time-consuming and simpler. But if you really love the simplicity of straight stairs, we can help you to choose a style and look that’s perfect for your space. Straight stairs can be built using attractive materials giving your space an elegant and sophisticated look.

Enjoy the Safety of Straight Staircases

With straight staircases, someone traveling up or down the stairs will get an uninterrupted view which reduces the risk of bumping into each other when climbing the stairs in different directions. With our straight stairs, you can easily incorporate additions or modifications with time as your needs or lifestyle changes.

We’ve Got Many Design Options

Our straight stairs are easy to plan and construct. You can have yours ready within no time. What’s more? We have so many design options available for you to choose from. You can add a unique touch and ambiance on your stairs by choosing materials such as high-quality wood types. Feel free to browse through our list of straight stairs and get in touch whenever you need help choosing a suitable match.

Straigh Stair with Standard #1
Straight Box Stair
Straight Stair - Open One Side
Straight Stair - Open Two Sides
Straight Stair - Open Two Sides with DBL Bullnose
Straight Stair with Landing
Straight Stair with Winder Box Open One Side
Straight Stairs - Closed Two Sides with Bullnose
Straight Stairs- Open One Side Box Stairs
Straight Stairs- Open One Side with Bullnose
Straight Stairs- w False Front Off Wall