Tips To Give Your Staircase A New Finish

If you are looking to renovate your staircase, think of refinishing ideas that would give it a completely new look. Refinishing your staircase can prevent you from tearing down the entire system and starting over with a completely new design. You can simply refinish the handrails and give your staircase an instant uplift. Refinishing the handrail can dramatically improve the look of your balustrade without spending a lot of money on the renovation. Let’s look at a few ways to make it work for your staircase system.

1. Ensure The Staircase Is Structurally Sound

When you are looking for ways to revamp your wood staircases that don’t involve tearing down the entire system, first ensure that there are no structural issues that need to be addressed. Changing the handrails when the staircase is not secure and safe is a waste of time. If your staircase is making embarrassing creaking sounds, you need to ask a our staff to come in and fix it before you can think of changing the handrails, balustrade or any other component of the system.

2. Refinishing Options

When you simply want to refinish the handrails and balustrades, start by choosing your preferred color options. You can choose from a wide range of stains and paints. Opt for colors that blend with the rest of the space. For instance, if you have hardwood stair treads then paint them a color that is similar to the handrails and make sure the newel posts are a different color. This gives a good contrast that makes your staircase stand out for all the right reasons. When choosing paints and stains, consider what works for the material on your staircase. Have a professional to perform the finishing in order to give it a nice-looking appeal.

Custom staircases can be made the focal point in any home by adding unique features and finishes. If you would like to make your staircase stand out in the living area, consider a different paint or stain. Paint jobs are fairly easy to implement and cost effective. Furthermore, they do not create a mess or take up much time in terms of renovation. You can also change the finish of your current staircase without having to tear it down. Talk to a professional who is capable of handling any refinishing project for your staircase system.