How To Maintain Your Wood Stairs

When properly maintained, your wood stairs will keep looking as good as new. Proper maintenance can contribute to improving your property’s value and avoiding costly repairs. Hardwood stairs will last longer when well maintained. There are different ways to take care of wood stairs. From the ordinary cleaning to touch-ups and occasional refinishing, you can take simple steps to keep your wooden stairs looking good always. We will share with you a few tips to properly maintain wood stairs.

Keep The Stairs Clean

Regular cleaning will go a long way in making sure the stairs remain as good as new. You can clean the staircase by vacuuming and sweeping off dust and debris. Never leave wet spills on the stairs for long because they can easily stain the wood. You can also look for a cleaner that is designed for the type of hardwood you have on your staircase.

Add An Extra Layer Of Protection

Protect your wood staircases from any form of damage by adding rugs near the entrances. The rugs work by keeping away any gravel from the bottom of the shoes from damaging the wood floors. Also avoid wearing shoes that can dent or scratch the wood stairs. If you have to move furniture up the stairs, make sure you have padded the legs and corners so that they don’t damage the surface of wood floors.

Refinishing Is Key

With time, the finish on your stairs will become worn out or crack. This is normal especially on stairs that have heavy traffic. The good thing is that the finishes can be quickly repaired. The method used will depend on the existing finish. For instance, if your wood stairs have worn out varnish, it needs to be completely removed and then replaced with a new one. You need to ensure you’ve cleaned up all the dirt and dust in order to apply the new finish. Only refinish the wood stairs with a material that is designed for it. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Prevent The Growth Of Mold

Mold can easily grow on the surface of your wood stairs. When this happens, it steals the aesthetic appeal of your custom staircases and slowly devalues your property. To prevent mold growth, your staircase should be well cleaned and maintained. Mold grows on wooden surfaces that don’t have proper staining or finishing and are left unclean for long period.

You also need to know how to remove mold if it grows on your wood floor. The thing with mold is that it may appear to go away when you wipe it, but in often cases it comes back. You need to know how to get rid of mold once and for all. Get a disinfectant that is designed to kill the mold pores and use it to wash your staircase. Regular bleach can also be used to get rid of mold pores but make sure it will not cause any damage to the hardwood. Look for a staircase material that is properly finished to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.