How To Find The Best Staircase Railing

The railings you choose for your staircase can add on to its safety and beauty. Good thing is that there are lots of stylish railings to choose from so it’s easy to find one that best complements the rest of the space. Whether you want to pull off a contemporary look or need a railing that blends with your rustic home, you’ll find endless options that meet your taste and budget.

Railings come in different materials, styles and finishes. Don’t be in a hurry to settle for the first option you come across. Think about the pros and cons of each before you decide to install it. Remember that railings are a prominent feature on your custom staircases and can be the focal point in a home or business property.

Material Options

The most common materials used in staircase railings are wood, iron and glass. The material you choose will depend on the cost, durability and style. Wood is an excellent choice if your property has a traditional look that you want to maintain. Glass and iron railings are easy to keep clean and well-polished.

The Timeless Appeal Of Wood Railings

Should you opt for wood, expect a long-lasting railing that will never go out of style. Wood has a rustic appeal and can bring out an elegant statement in any given setting. Popular wood types for railings include maple, cherry and walnut. Good thing about wood is that it’s warm and comfortable to touch compared to other materials like iron.

The Beauty Of Iron Railings

Iron railings can be designed to create drama and achieve a uniquely beautiful appeal. Opt for iron railings if your home has a contemporary or modern interior design. Should you still want to have iron railings in a traditional setting, choose the type that has intricate designs to bring out the rustic look.

Opt For Modern Glass Railings

Glass is perhaps the most commonly used material for railings in commercial spaces. Glass railings are not just striking but are easy to install too. There’s no harm in having glass railings in your home too. On major drawback with glass railings in homes is that they can easily smudge which makes it hard to maintain especially if you have kids or pets.

Customizing Different Types Of Railings

When you settle for any of the options mentioned above, you can still make adjustments to ensure it fits your particular style. For instance, the iron railings can be customized with intricate designs that match any other area in your home. Wood railings can also be given a customized color to blend with another section of your home such as the flooring. Other materials like glass can be finished to your liking and given the perfect look.

Most importantly, think about the level of safety the design or material you choose will offer. Have an expert install a beautiful and functional railing that not only complements the rest of the space but also enhances safety.