Premier Interior Glass Railings

Interior glass railing is at the top of designers’ preferences in homes, office buildings, and shopping malls. This is because, in addition to serving the role of a railing, which is to prevent injuries, it combines sturdiness and aesthetics. Therefore, at Royal Oak, we are committed to offering high-quality materials for a glass railings interior and the best installation services. Whether you are interested in surface mounted or fascial mount, we have the experience, skills, and equipment you need to do a great job.

Interior glass railings are perfect for giving an elegant note to any modern interior. They radiate an urban and sleek look when used in both residential and commercial buildings. Best of all, they look fabulous with just any fabric, may it be wood, concrete, or glass surrounding. Get in touch for a free consultation.

Premier Interior Glass Railings

Installing an interior glass railing system is a fantastic way of enhancing the beauty and value of your building. These systems feature everything you could want, from a railing and then some. You can use them for the stairs, balcony, and even as a durable glass pool fence that is resistant to the chemicals in the pool water. All the same, to get the most out of glass interior railings, they have to be installed correctly.


We understand that moving from conventional rail options such as stainless steel and wood to any of the many types of glass railing systems interior can be unsettling. That is why we start our work by offering a free consultation. Our team is very knowledgeable, and we can answer all your questions while highlighting the benefits of glass railing and anything related to industry standards, by-laws, restrictions, safety practices, and more.

If you are not sure about the stand of an interior glass stair railing or anything along those lines, we are always happy to offer a professional recommendation. We can also come to your home, perform a thorough assessment of your needs and give you a detailed project estimate.

Custom Design

Toronto glass interior railings come in many design options. They range from clear ones to tinted or frosted glass panels that offer more privacy. Finding the option that works for you will be easy. However, if what you are looking for is not in any catalogue, we can create custom-made glass railing systems for you. Our custom glass solutions are available when you want to customize your building to exact specifications. Contact us with your vision, and we will bring it to life.

Installation and Maintenance

We don’t recommend DIY stained glass for interior railing installation because of how intricate the work is. At Royal Oak, we offer professional installation and maintenance services that guarantee the work is done right the first time and the integrity of the construction is never compromised.

You can come to us for the installation and maintenance of the following:

  • Clear glass railings
  • Frosted or tinted glass railings
  • Frameless glass railing systems
  • And more

We are a professional glass railing installation company offering high-quality products and services in and around Toronto. Our in-house team has the experience and skills needed to ensure the installation is safe, secure, and aesthetically pleasing. Call us now for a free estimate.

Why Choose Glass Railings

Installing glass railing interior stairs can do wonders for your interior design. The good thing is there are so many ways you can use them, such as a glass staircase complete with glass handrails and banister. While relatively new in the construction industry, there are so many reasons why interior glass railing systems in Canada are so popular.

Aesthetic Appeal

The contemporary feel of glass railings interior is one of the key reasons glass is gaining more popularity in modern homes. They are the go-to option for anyone looking for an upscale look. They do a fabulous job at making a building look and feel unique.

Stunning View

In addition to the beauty and contemporary feel, homeowners opt for interior glass railing ideas for the stunning view. These features enhance spaces and maximize visibility. You can admire the beauty of your home without obstructions. Glass also allows light to pass through, creating a relaxing and warm atmosphere.

Safety Features

Even with the sleek look, the glass stair railings interior doesn’t compromise safety. Considering they lack slats, kids or pets cannot get stuck in them or fall through. They are also difficult to climb on. There is also the fact that safety-tampered glass panels are hard to break and don’t crack under extreme temperatures.


The main drawback with steel and wooden railings is that they lose their functionality and shine after a couple of years. This is not the case with glass railings. They don’t change colour and are extremely weather and chemical resistant.

Ease of Maintenance

Compared to other stair railing materials, glass is the easiest to maintain. You only need a glass cleaner to clean the glass railing. Glass is also not affected by mould, rust, or rot.

These are just some of the benefits. To find out more about interior glass railing costs, give us a call. 

What to Consider When Choosing Glass Railings

With so many options available, settling on a specific system of interior glass railings can be challenging. The good thing is there are a couple of considerations you can make to help you make an informed choice.


To avoid falling for a glass railing system you cannot afford, it is always wise to set a budget prior to comparing options. All the same, while cost is an important factor, you must not use it as the main determining factor. Remember that the price of glass interior railing will be influenced by the quality of materials, the size of the system, and the complexity of installation. Focus more on the long-term value of a system when considering cost.

Design Preferences

How you want your railings to look will influence your choice. If you want more privacy, tinted glass will be better than clear glass. Additionally, your choice of frameless, semi-framed, or framed will influence your choice of interior glass railing posts. Design preference will also be influenced by where you will be installing the railing. For a minimalistic interior, installing a frameless glass railing will be ideal. Outdoor decks, on the other hand, benefit from fully framed railings.

Local Building Codes

Another important thing you must do is ensure the glass railing interior you are going for complies with the local building code regulations. The regulations are there for your safety.

As you can see, choosing the right glass railing requires a lot of consideration. However, consulting a professional installer like Royal Oak can help balance quality and cost. Moreover, considering that installing interior glass railing involves an intricate process, leaving the installation to a professional is recommended. This is the key to ensuring a sound installation.

Why Choose Us for Your Glass Railing Needs

Since our company opened for business more than three decades ago, our mission has always been to offer high-quality products that satisfy clients’ needs for decades. We continually deliver on this promise regarding interior glass railings in Toronto. We offer the best quality custom ornamental glass railings for both commercial and residential buildings. Here are some of the top reasons why we are the go-to company for designers in and around Toronto.

Experience and Expertise

When it comes to the supply and installation of glass railings, you want everything done right the first time to avoid high costs and avert safety risks. Royal Oak has been supplying and installing quality framed and frameless interior glass railing for nearly four decades. Our experience and expertise help us guarantee attractive and long-lasting results.


We stand behind our work. Once the installation of the interior glass railing is done, we offer a two-year limited warranty on both the products and labour.

Insurance Policies

As experienced contractors, we understand the risks involved in installing glass railings. To protect you from any liability, Royal Oak carries an insurance policy that offers you peace of mind while our team is on-site.

Proven Track Record

We install glass railings on interior stairs that are not just aesthetically pleasing and durable but also address safety concerns. Our business thrives on recommendations, thus the reason we go the extra mile to meet and exceed the expectations of all our clients. We have worked with building owners and top designers, builders, and architects in Toronto.

Tailored Process

Our success can be attributed to our personalized process. When you contact us, we first strive to understand your vision. We do this through a free, no-obligation consultation. The objective is to understand the type of interior staircase glass railing that would be perfect for you. Everything will be completely confidential. We also use 3D-aided computer designs for better communication.

Once the project has been green-lit, we will supply the materials for glass interior railings, remove existing railings, repair the existing stairs, and complete the installation.

Royal Oak is the perfect partner for modern interior glass railing installation and maintenance. Contact us today for a detailed, written proposal.

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If you are looking for custom interior glass railing systems in Toronto, you have come to the right place. At Royal Oak, we believe glass railings add a modern and sophisticated look to your space only when the right system is installed correctly. This is why we are very generous in providing information on glass panel railing interiors. We are also happy to partner with you in project design, supply of materials, railing installation, maintenance, and replacement.

We are happy to answer any questions on glass interior stair railings, offer professional advice, and provide the quality products and services you need to boost the aesthetics and value of your property. We encourage you to call us at 905-853-5727 or through our toll-free numbers (866) 795-6259. You can also message us by filling out our contact form with any questions or to schedule a consultation.