Plain Square Picket

If you’re looking for a simple metal railing, this plain square picket can be a perfect addition to your space. We can custom make this to fit your unique design requirements. We’ll take accurate measurements of your staircase and ensure the railings are a perfect fit. Iron railings are highly flexible and can be constructed to almost any specification. What’s more? You don’t need to think about staining or varnishing the railing. The material itself is designed to resist temperature changes. It will never rot, warp or bend when exposed to harsh weather. As a result, this plain square picket is what you need for an easy installation and maintenance-free service.

Simplicity Redefined

This plain square picket, though simple in terms of design, can be a unique feature when other materials are incorporated in the staircase. Iron stair railings can give your space a timeless appeal. This particular railing is ideal for a large house or business premise. When you don’t want a design that’s too complicated or you simply need to break a busy feature in the space, these simple railings can be a great addition. If you need help choosing an ideal design, we’re just a call away.

Plain Square